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Want to become a World Ice Skating Day organizer?

The festivities have arrived, and they are here to stay.

With World Ice Skating Day coming to more than 78 countries across the globe, we are presenting an opportunity for kids to enjoy and adults to rekindle their spirit of play and sport.

The potential event organizers shall be given the rights to host/organize a World Ice Skating Day event in their cities/countries granted by the International Skating Union upon filling up the
Event Registration Form

As an organizer, if you want to be the one to help connect your neighborhood to one global sporting community, follow these steps:



If you have decided to organize an event, you will need to develop an idea for it. Use our 'Event Ideas Guide' for some inspiration.



Once your concept is set in stone, register yourself and your event, and get access to the digital toolkit.



While you wait for World Ice Skating Day, initiate your preparations, create a buzz about your event and start registering participants.



Enjoy the festival of joy, play, learning and sport, with a diverse global community.

WISD Guidelines Manual

Everthing you need to know to become a WISD Oranizer, how to register, the benefits, how to plan, how to plan, and a message from our President.

Organizer Care Package

Let us help you nurture the curiosity of individuals to learn about a new sport and create connections with cultures from across the world and from diverse backgrounds. Our care package is available for all the organizers upon registration.

Brand Toolkit

Thinking of bringing festivities to your neighbourhood?
Here's everything you need.

Any entity associated with Ice Skating Union (ISU), be it a National Ice Skating Federation/Association/Body, Ice Skating rinks, Ice Skating clubs, Local/ Public/Government body/authority, Sports/Event company, Skating goods companies, etc

By filling out the 'Become an Organizer' form. Once the form is filled, the ISU shall have it validated and grant you the right to be a WISD organizer. Once validated, you will have access to the 'Organizer Care Package' and 'Event Ideas Guide' that contain the branding/marketing tools, ideas, etc.

There may be numerous applications to become an event organizer and get the right to host/organize a World Ice Skating Day event in their country. The ISU will review the application of every applicant and grant the rights to a potential organizer at its own discretion depending on the authenticity of the details provided in the application.

Icebox- Events Guide

A guide that acts as an inspiration for the organizers looking to create magic on the ice with their World Ice Skating Day event. This guide also includes a checklist of things you might want to consider having for your event.

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